I began my creative career during high school. At the time, I worked in the family automotive parts business and was tasked with developing the e-commerce department. One of my responsibilities involved handling all of the product photography (one task I especially took my time with).

Over the weekends, I’d continue to develop that skill, photographing my friends who skated. I was obsessed with emulating my favorite skate photos/videos and developing a production style of my own. It became such an obsession, I created and managed a website that became the hub of online skate culture in North Florida.


After earning my MBA at UF, I moved to Cincinnati and entered into analytical market research at Nielsen. I leveraged ‘big data’ to consult to big brands on ‘what’ was happening to their business categories on a macro level. It was an incredibly challenging and rewarding experience. A couple of years later, however, I had an insatiable curiosity of understanding the ‘why’ behind it all.

After leaving Nielsen I joined an innovation firm called Seek and spent a couple of very formative years developing a skillset in qualitative research, innovation and empathy. These skills gave me the opportunity to consult with global brands on idea generation and deep-dive insight development. It was during that time, I began to understand there was an un-met need for researchers who knew how to articulate insights and ideas in ways that resonated with qual and quant minded leaders.

The video production and storytelling skills I initially developed during my teenage/college years are now focused towards connecting consumers with brands.


Every veteran researcher has experienced a project where the “aha” moments never truly made it up the ladder. Sometimes it’s due to political pressures within the organization. Other times it’s a result of the leadership team not experiencing those moments first-hand. I resolved to create solutions to solve for both barriers.

What I do today is the result of a stubborn will to not let incredible work go un-noticed. I often work alongside brilliant researchers, to identify transformative moments with the people we serve. We are driven to push those discoveries up the corporate ladder, creating a true connection between brands, and the human beings they serve.

… If this is something that interests you, I’d love to hear from you.